Educating staff to upsell to customers

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Educating staff to upsell to customers

ENSURING YOUR STAFF have the ability to upsell to customers is a great way to boost your business profits, but it's important they know how to do it effectively.

That's why it's important to educate them — not only about what menu items to focus on, and when, but also how to upsell in a manner which is both subtle and customer-focused.

Otherwise, they may end up becoming an annoyance to your customer, which is certainly not good for business!

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Want To Curb Food Waste In Your Restaurant? Original story on

Want To Curb Food Waste In Your Restaurant?

Start Making More Cocktails

If you have to throw out some mint before you can use it or waste some perfectly good orange peels, you're probably not going to notice.

You might not even notice that those same ingredients could be used at, say, the bar.

But as food waste becomes a more and more pressing issue, simple communication problems like this are being paid attention to like never before.

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How Restaurants Can Use Push Notifications to Drive Sales

Once you've successfully gotten guests to download your mobile app, a lot of great things can happen for your restaurant. You can gather and use a multitude of data to better serve smarter marketing. You can drive incremental visits, encourage infrequent guests to return more often and get additional dollars out of frequent ones.

Restaurant apps are powerful tools and no element within the app promises a more immediate and more direct line of communication than the push notification. With great power, though, comes great responsibility.

Here are the best practices on using push notifications to drive sales:

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Eight Video Marketing Tips for Restaurants Original story on

Eight Video Marketing Tips for Restaurants

Video marketing and restaurants go together like grilled cheese and French fries. Show off your favorite chef in action, interview some of your regulars or highlight some of your best dishes. A video is the next best thing to getting a patron inside your restaurant.

A recent survey showed about half of Internet users look for a video before even going to a physical store and 80 percent believed a demonstration video helped them decide on buying. Imagine a local diner researching before they head out for their weekly date night with their spouse. They view several videos while choosing where to eat — yours should be one of them.

When it comes to creating a video for your restaurant, some strategies will make it attract more attention.

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