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Why all chefs need to travel

The consensus is in — if you’re a chef, you’ve gotta travel

Some chefs think of the kitchen as a hub of inspiration, while others look at it as a stress box fuelled by repetition and pressure. Chefs are creative individuals by nature, and inspiration is not always found within four walls, which is why travel can provide the opportunity to hit reset, collaborate with other professionals and discover a new realm of cuisines and techniques. Hospitality talks to Merivale’s Dan Hong, Sokyo’s Chase Kojima and chef and author Christine Manfield about what travel means to them — personally and professionally.

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Why all chefs need to travel Original story on hospitalitymagazine.com.au

chefs to serve sustainable seafood Original story on weeklytimesnow.com.au

'Good Fish Project' urging chefs to serve sustainable seafood

Some of Australia's top chefs have banded together, pledging to only serve sustainable seafood in their restaurants as part of the Marine Conservation Society's new 'Good Fish Project'.

Up to 40 restaurants have agreed not to serve 'red-listed' seafood in an effort to help revive dwindling fish stocks. Good Fish Project Manager Sascha Rust says 'we all have a responsibility' to think ethically about the types of food we consume, but believes chefs, as industry professionals, 'have to do their part' with 'clean menus'. Australians are set to consume thousands of tonnes of seafood this Easter.

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Restaurants are ignoring calls from google's smart assistant

Hello, This Is Robot

Almost exactly a year ago, everyone was flipping out over Google’s newly announced Duplex feature, which basically pretends to be a human assistant in order to make reservations at restaurants or schedule trips to the hairdresser.

But the AI-powered assistant has struggled to win over the hearts of service workers. The Verge reports that restaurants are hanging up on Google’s auto-calling voice assistant — sometimes because they’re creeped out by how lifelike it sounds.

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Restaurants are ignoring calls from google's smart assistant Original story on futurism.com

45% of diners have tried a restaurant because of social media Original story on restaurantdive.com

45% of diners have tried a restaurant because of social media

Forty-five percent of U.S. diners have tried a restaurant because of a social media post from the establishment. Just 21% said a social media post was a deterrent, while 22% said a restaurant’s social media post persuaded them to return, according to a study from marketing agency MGH.

Further, the study shows that positive restaurant-to-consumer social media engagement often leads to increased visits. Seventy-four percent of respondents who actively follow and engage with restaurant brands on social media said they're more likely to visit or order food from those establishments.

The message to marketers is clear.

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