Induction is faster than gas!

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Dipo induction cooking Induction is faster than gas and offers more precise control!

Induction cooking typically has a very rapid heat response time, much faster than gas or any other method used in a commercial environment. It also provides precise temperature control, which enables the cooktop to hold ideal temperatures for simmering, melting and boiling.

Beyond that, induction cooking also helps maintain a cleaner and fresher cooking environment.

I have used induction cooking in my home for almost 15 years and more recently we converted our commercial kitchen space downstairs from gas to induction with pleasing results.

Why Dipo Induction?

High-quality Dipo induction machines are designed to withstand any demand in a busy commercial kitchen, while delivering precise and fast heat settings allowing the ultimate in temperature control. Induction cooking delivers true energy efficiency and reliability.

Roband Australia import a range of Dipo induction cooking featuring an induction cooker and a thermostatically controlled induction cooker for handling delicate tasks like tempering chocolate at low heat, through to sautéing at high temperatures. They are extremely versatile machines and being freestanding counter-top devices, they can be easily moved and stored.

Part of the range includes the Dipo Induction Warmer, which is designed to be built into a counter top for buffet style set-ups. The Dipo Induction Warmer delivers consistent warming heat for extended periods and with the expectation of long buffet service times, the energy efficiency of induction really comes into play.

The popular Dipo DCP23 Induction Cooker with temperature probe has undergone a specification change. The new version now operates from 40°-99°C in 1°C increments when using the temperature probe. The DCP23 is ideal for a very wide range of cooking applications, such as sous-vide or the making of delicate products, where precise temperature control is required.

This new version still operates up to 200°C when using the 7 simmer and 10 cook settings (without the temperature probe) which makes the DCP a truly versatile induction cooker.

What is Induction?

Induction ranges are highly efficient electric heating devices where the cooking vessel itself becomes the heating element.

An electric coil underneath the cooking surface generates a magnetic field which instantly heats up the metal pot or pan sitting above, through a process called induction.

Induction cooking is the only cooking method that directly uses your cookware as a part of the cooking system. For this reason, it requires special iron cookware. Iron makes the pan magnetic and allows the transfer of energy from the induction range to the pan or pot.

High frequency magnetic field High frequency magnetic field

Benefits of using induction.

  • • Superior energy efficiency: Induction cooking is highly energy efficient and minimal heat is lost to the environment as the cooking vessel is the only part generating heat
  • • Saves money: Induction saves energy by quickly turning off the magnetic field whenever the pot is removed. It resumes heating upon the pot returning to the cooker
  • • Fast heating: as a cooking medium, induction is extremely fast and offers precise temperature control
  • • Cool clean environment: Induction cooking does not consume oxygen from the environment or emit gas into the kitchen, so induction maintains a cleaner and fresher cooking environment
  • • Safety first: Induction does not present a risk of fire, as there is no naked flame as is the case with gas, also it does not heat up the kitchen
  • • Precise control: Induction has a very rapid heat response, better than gas. It provides precise temperature control, enabling the cooktop to hold ideal temperatures for simmering, melting and boiling.
  • • Cool to touch: the glass range top remains cooler to the touch than other cooking surfaces as it is only warmed from contact with the hot pan and is not actively heated by the cooker itself
  • • Easy to clean: Since the unused portion of the induction cooktop remains relatively cool, most spills won't cook onto the surface, making cleaning a breeze. A damp sponge or cloth is generally all you need to wipe up any spills or splatters

Dipo induction systems are designed and manufactured in Korea.

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