Life is better with ice cream.

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Chill Bar Dee Why, gelato selection Chill Bar Dee Why, gelato selection

According to the history books frozen desserts like ice cream, gelato and sorbets have been around for centuries. Depending on which source you read it may have come from Sicily, ancient Rome, and ancient Egypt or perhaps China.

What is the difference between these products?

Ice cream is traditionally made with sugar and cream.

Gelato is made with sugar and milk and has less fat content than other styles of ice cream. Did you know that in Italy, the law requires gelato have a minimum of 3.5% butterfat content?

Sorbet is made from sweetened water with flavouring (typically fruit juice or fruit purée).

Frozen desserts can also be made with coconut milk and coconut cream, which is suitable for vegans.

The Art of Selling

Marketing frozen desserts these days goes way beyond flavours and making the product look good for display. An essential component now is also having the correct display cabinet to showcase your creations.

"I never say no to an ice cream."

Ingrid Betancourt
Colombian - Politician

Sydney Commercial Kitchens has a complete range of showcase and storage cabinets for your gelato and ice cream products.

Ice Cream & Gelato Displays

Ice Cream displays offer an attractive solution for display of ice creams or gelato. A curved glass display canopy highlights safety, hygiene and the visual effect of how the product displays.

The best ice cream displays utilise technology to ensure the product is kept at optimal temperatures for both preservation and servability.

Gelato Displays ...

Ice Cream & Gelato Displays

Shock Freezing Helps

Shock Freezing Helps

The temperature of ice-cream coming out from the ice-cream machine is between -7°/-9°C degrees, with a water content of approximately 30%. When putting ice-cream containers inside a normal freezer or in the show case, the water slowly freezes producing macro-crystals that quickly cause a loss in product quality. It also raises the temperature of existing product in that cabinet putting that in jeopardy as well.

The use a shock freezer to quickly reduce product temperature to -18°C at the product core will allow the formation of undamaged small crystals in the ice-cream, thus preserving all its original qualities. The further controlled storage at -12°/-14°C will last for days. Ice-cream and gelato products will always be fresh as if it had just been made.

Blast Freezers ...

Gelato Storage Freezers

In peak periods, your ice cream and gelato display can only hold so much product.

Rather than run out at these times, it makes sense to have a storage ability beyond what your display cabinet can manage.

Gelato Storage ...

Ice Cream & Gelato Displays

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