Managing an unexpected crisis

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Managing & Surviving the Coronavirus Crisis Register for this free webinar

The impact of the threat of coronavirus is being felt throughout the hospitality industry.

Customers are staying away in droves, but is there something that you can do right now to reduce the impact on your business?

Webinar Online: Managing & Surviving the Coronavirus Crisis

Tuesday, 17 March 2020 from 3:00 pm to 3:45 pm (AEDT)

Join Ken Burgin from SilverChef as we explore ways for cafes, restaurants and foodservice to handle this unexpected crisis.

About this Event

How can you keep your business open, staff employed, bills paid and customers spending? There's a lot to consider.

Issues we will cover...

  • • Where to find reliable information about the Coronavirus issue
  • • What does it mean for the way you run your business?
  • • Staff, suppliers, kitchen systems, customer service, landlords and creditors - what do you need to handle?
  • • Simple ways to improve communication with your customers
  • • Sanitation and hygiene - taking it to the next level immediately
  • • Government assistance - what's available?
  • • Finding opportunities when you lose sales - 'don't waste a crisis'
  • • Question & Answer - we will endeavour to answer all your questions, or find the best people who can

Proudly presented by SilverChef, supporting the hospitality industry.

Can't make it at that time?

Register anyway and we will send you a replay. Please note this is not a technical food safety or medical presentation.

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