Pie Warmer Season is Here


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Nothing beats a hot pie! Nothing beats a hot pie!

Autumn is here and there is definitely a chill in the air. It is time to bring back the Aussie staple diet of meat pies and sausage rolls.

Displaying your hot food items and maintaining a food safe temperature is of prime importance to any vendor and the Pie Warmers we sell all meet food stndards.

Electric Pie Warmers

N.B. For best results food should be heated in an oven to the appropriate temperature and then transferred into the pie warmer display cabinet.

Generally they are an attractive food display cabinet, with full view glass. They can be positioned on front or rear counters with access optional from one side or both.

For even better results place a tray of water into the cabinet which helps maintain the pastry crust.

At SCK we sell pie warmers from Anvil Aire, Apuro, Birko, Cookon, Roband, Semak and Woodson.

Pie Warmers ...

Pie Warmers Pie Warmers are seen in takeaways everywhere

Bromic Hot Food Displays Bakeries and cake shops use a hot food display

Free Standing Hot Food Display Cabinet

Free Standing Hot Food Display Cabinets are becoming more popular and we have many of our suppliers offering this style cabinet. There are offered with a couple of different styles, a square profile and also a curved glass profile.

At SCK we sell Hot Food Displays from Anvil Aire, Bromic, Cossiga, Exquisite, FPG, Koldtech, Polar, Roband, Roller Grill, Vienna, Williams and Woodson.

Hot Food Displays ...

Keeping it Mobile

These days there are more and more hot food vans driving around Sydney. A couple even operate where our offices are in Warriewood.

The problem for a mobile vendor is how to keep the food on display at the correct temperature during their run.

This unit has been specifically designed for mobile vendors of hot foods.

Cookon LPG...

Cookon make an LPG Pie warmer Cookon make an LPG Pie warmer

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