Robalec Rice Cookers

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Robalec Rice Cookers Perfect rice, every time!

Roband Australia carefully sources a selection of commercial food service products that are manufactured overseas to meet the diverse needs of Australian food service establishments.

Suitable for many styles of cuisine

There is a wide range of cuisines to choose from when dining out or ordering takeout in Australia, and Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and other multi-cultural cuisines are among the most popular.

Our supplier Roband Australia has recognised the need for reliable, efficient rice preparation. They offer three types of rice preparation machines:

  • • Rice cookers with 3 models SW5400, SW7200 & SW10000
  • • Rice cooker with a keep-warm function, model SW6000
  • • A stand-alone rice warmer, model SW9600.

Years of research and development has culminated in machines that deliver the very best quality of steamed rice.

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