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Food gets cook faster Food gets cook faster

A modern fast food menu has a lot going on. It is no longer enough to simply offer the basic takeaways, Australians want and crave foods that are as creative as they are quick and tasty.

This can present a challenge for the average takeaways shop, cafe or kiosk, especially if a queue starts to form. But what if there is a simple way to diversify and expand your menu without sacrificing food quality or speed of cooking?

Transform your menu with Merrychef

Merrychef has been at the forefront of outstanding kitchen innovations since the 1950's, consistently creating equipment to assist the cooking process with minimal complexity and maximum benefits.

Whether you're in a cafe, bistro or snack bar, Merrychef E2S high speed cook oven is the perfect asset to transform your kitchen operation.

Food gets cook faster with the e2s high speed cook oven

For busy bakeries and crowded cafes, it is necessary to be able to shift orders quickly without sacrificing food quality. Enter the Merrychef E2S HP Rapid High Speed Cook Oven, which is about to change your understanding of the term "fast food".

"Merrychef ovens prepare foods more than 15 times faster than the standard convection oven."

Merrychef is one of the world's leading rapid cooking ovens. It boasts four heating technologies (convected heat, Planar Plumes, impingement air and microwave energy) with an easy-to-use, icon driven touchscreen interface that allows you to tackle all of your recipes with ease. It's technology that creates a win-win for staff and customers alike.

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